You are looking for a digital twin for your AMHS? Planning, monitoring, optimization – all in one single suite. Access all your transportation systems from everywhere – anytime.


You need to expand your capacities for research? You want to develope some technically ambitious software? We can support you with our experience in software development with a technical focus.

We take care of your Automated Material Handling System.

The FlowLogiX Suite is a cross platform software system for monitoring, analyzing and optimizing in-house automated material handling systems. It is real time capable and can handle realy large systems with more then 10,000 objects. Multiple systems at the same time are also supported, for example several AGVs combined with an OHT. Due to the usage of web technologies you can access all your AMHS information from everywhere at anytime. The built in user management allows you to restrict sensitiv information to the right people, for example your automation team.

We provide several subscription plans - exactly targeted at your needs. Interested in learning more about the FlowLogiX Suite?
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  • Supervising
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Error prevention
  • automatic error prediction
  • reports & dashboards
  • categorized notifications

more reliable



  • Design
  • Layout
  • Control
  • automatic KPI-calculation
  • automatic layout-evaluation
  • scenario based simulations




  • Identify enhancements
  • Validate enhancements
  • Plan expansion
  • optimize without down-time
  • one-click simulation for validation
  • use all planning features as well

greater efficiency

  • The FlowLogiX Suite includes several modules for monitoring purposes of an AMHS. It can show your real time facility situation or just play back a recent recorded snippet at fast forward speed. At any time you can take advantage of our real time analyze features.

    • Position of all vehicles at a glance
    • Current state is directly visible
    • Detailled information for every entity
    • Full text search & filters
    • All entities linked among each other
    • Easy to use navigation & quick links
    • Save, replay & analyze history
    Automated recognition
    • Jam detection
    • Vehicle balancing
    • Delayed transports
    • Reduced thruput
    Your advantages
    • Reduce & prevent downtimes
    • Reduce transportation durations
    • Improved lessons learned
  • With the help of the FlowLogiX Suite you can easily analyze your AHMS based on a given static workload or even on previously saved history. Our built in scenario based simulation empowers you to predict the behavior of your system in some future state. If you want to deep-dive into the analyze data - we have Excel exports too!

    Analyze and visualize
    • Track utilization
    • Vehicle utilization
    • Station utilization
    • Buffer utilization
    • Vehicle distribution
    • Transport statistics
    • Vehicle statistics
    • Transport matrix
    • Transportation list
    • Layout alternatives
    • Parameter sets
    Your advantages
    • Maintenance planning
    • Fab extension
    • Expanding fab capacity
    • Green field
  • For some common issues in an AMHS the FlowLogiX Suite includes smart & automatic optimizations. This enables you to go ahead after you have identified a problem in your system with the help of our analyze features. Playing around with expense factors was never easier!

    Static optimization
    • Route weights
    • Vehicle parameters
    • Layout alternatives
    • Station locations
    • Buffer sizes
    Dynamic optimization
    • Vehicle behaviour
    • Dispatching rules
    • Delayed transports
    Your advantages
    • Higher Thruput
    • Higher reliability
    • Lower operation costs

Watch the FlowLogiX Suite in action.

We are passionate about automated material handling.

The team behind FlowLogiX is located in a region called silicon saxony - so we do have a strong connection to the semiconductor industry. All team members were part of the Chair of Material Handling of the Technical University Dresden or they are originated in the automation industry. All together we have more than 25 years of expertise in understanding automated material handling and software development.

If you are interested in simulation studies based on our solutions or gerneral consulting respective to AMHS:
Please visit FabFlow GmbH!

Dr. Martin Erler
Managing Director / CEO

Robert Schmaler
Second Director / CFO

Lars Triska
Head of Development

Dr. Christian Hammel
Head of Consulting

We are constantly searching for young talents who are as passionate as we are. Please take a look at our currently available internships, seminar papers and vacancies!

We provide Software-Development for your complex system.

We at FlowLogiX can support you with developing your model or data driven application and also have a deep knowledge about building simulation modells and applications. No matter if you are using AnyLogic, AutoMod or implementing your own simulation - we can provide expertise. You have the need to develop a technically sophisticated software from scratch? It is our passion.

Interested in learning more about the FlowLogiX software development services?
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Our services for software development with a technical focus:

  • Algorithm Development
  • Simulation Development
  • Model Building
  • Story Book
  • Software Design
  • Implementation

We can provide a strong experience in agile software development with SCRUM - a clasically top down process is possible of course. We are used to develop test driven to ensure you can focus on your business needs - not on software quality.

Some projects we have allready accomplished.


Development of a WebGUI for AGV-Control


Development of an algorithm for processing machining features