Software Development and Consulting

As your digitization and automation partner, we provide orientation in a constantly changing market - with holistic solutions and strong service. We support you with our long-standing know-how in overcoming your challenges. We offer you a wide range of services.

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  • digital modeling
  • development of simulators
  • integration of simulation
  • simulation studies

A simulation can help to make complex problems manageable and predictable. We support you in choosing the right simulation technology, building the model and carrying out the study. On request, we can also develop a simulator perfectly tailored to the specific purpose.

Artificial Intelligence

  • pattern recognition
  • forecast
  • control

Where rules and knowledge-based systems reach their limits, AI shows its advantages. Through the use of modern frameworks and the wide range of languages ​​and experience, our experts develop tailor-made solutions for every application.

Data Mining

  • cluster analysis
  • pattern recognition
  • regression analysis
  • classification
  • segmentation
  • forecast

Data is the new digital gold. We support you in finding valuable relationships, influencing factors and patterns in your data. With our know-how you can raise the treasure in your data pool.

Data Recording

  • conception of storage strategies
  • database technologies
  • cloud
  • design of filters
  • design of data structures

Data is generated in many places in your company. However, in order to be able to use them, they have to be saved and prepared for use. We support you with our experience in the development and implementation of storage concepts - even with very large amounts of data!

Data Analysis

  • concepts for information acquisition
  • automatic processing and preparation of data
  • dashboards
  • KPI development

Would you like to convert existing information into knowledge? The path leads through your employees, because they know how to apply the knowledge. We help you to collect and process your information in such a way that a noticeable added value is created.


Some projects that we have already successfully carried out.

Algorithms Development

  • abstraction of problems
  • usage analysis
  • design of regulations
  • heuristics
  • parameterization

Algorithms are the added value in software. They solve small and large tasks automatically, reliably and quickly. There are hardly any limits to the possible uses. Benefit from our scientific expertise and use the power of automated problem solving too!

Retro Fit

  • legacy code maintenance
  • refactoring
  • further development
  • porting
  • new development

Nothing works without software. But what if the experts are retired, the platform can only be kept alive with a lot of effort and important features are missing? We give your old software a new shine! We install new features, port to modern languages ​​or develop from scratch. This often creates new impulses for your company that enliven the workflow.


  • server client architectures
  • intuitive operation
  • UX design
  • responsive layouts
  • cross-plattform
  • 3D

One offer, many approaches - that's how modern technology service providers present themselves. We develop the suitable surface for all common end devices including architecture, backend and operating concept. Technical GUIs are our specialty.

Software Automation

  • stand-alone-tools
  • plugins / adapter
  • automation of interfaces
  • automatic data conversion
  • intranet services

The world of work is becoming ever faster. It is all the more important that your tools are perfectly matched to the respective task and work seamlessly together. We support the automation of your workflow! Whether stand-alone, automatic interface or data conversion - let our smart solutions convince you!