MINT Skilled Workers Program in the State of Saxony


FlowLogiX GmbH is pleased to announce the project

“Preparation of the implementation of an extension and generalization of transport systems in the existing Monitoring and Maintenance Suite of FlowLogiX GmbH - Focus Conveyor Systems”

to be part of the ESF Plus - MINT Skilled Workers Program in the State of Saxony. With the help of funding from the European Social Fund Plus (ESF Plus) in the State of Saxony, we were able to add a product developer to our team to implement the project in the 2021 - 2027 funding period.

The aim of the project is to expand and generalize the Monitoring and Maintenance Suite (MMS) to integrate conveyor systems and other types of transport systems according to the Overhead Hoist Transport (OHT) principle. This also includes analyzing the existing MMS and identifying potential for expansion. Building on this, a concept for the further development of the MMS will be developed based on the latest scientific and technical findings with regard to data evaluation, data storage and data visualization. In this context, the existing MMS will also be examined for optimization and innovation potential. A necessary goal in this context is a concept for the localization of load carriers in the event of insufficient data in the actual situation found at the customer.

This project is in line with our goals of driving technological progress and strengthening our competitiveness.

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